The Birth of an idea

A baby is formed, protected, and nourished in the womb.

Just like how a baby is formed in the womb, we believe that stories and ideas that are formed by the human brain also need a protective cocoon like the womb.

A place where each little idea is allowed the creative space and time to develop into a full-fledged film that gives you characters that are believable, relatable, and
ultimately timeless.

Presenting one such place – Creative Fetus.

Welcome to Creative Fetus. The birthplace of refreshing, simple and genuine perspectives in the art of storytelling. In short, we deliver creative ideas.

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My Vison

Nothing compares to the first triumph of joy a new idea evokes.

To me, it is like how a baby forms. From the first tiny germ of an idea, a story takes shape. It develops its own intimate heartbeat, its own world, and finally it’s own incredible birth-cry in all its finished glory.

The nurturing, protecting, and shaping of small thoughts and ideas into big, tangible, and flavor-filled films is the reason behind me promoting Creative Fetus.

I envision Creative Fetus to be a fertile gestation ground for stories that are simple yet leave a lasting impression and stories that are relatable yet bring about a profound feeling of contentment.

And more importantly stories that are honest to the society as a whole.

Let’s spark a new life.

We are always on the constant lookout for like-minded people to financially support
us in our endeavors to bring newer and fresher films to people.

if you believe in the power of refreshing creative ideas that translate into better
films and choose to back such efforts, please give us a call.

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